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Our affordable programs use proprietary technology to analyze your eating habits, give feedback, and coach you towards your chronic condition goals. 



You are unique. Why should your eating recommendations be generic? Our Food-Grading Engine fits you like a glove, with personalized feedback that considers your taste preferences as well as your health profile. Forget handouts and standardized meal plans. We tailor our recommendations to what you actually eat and drink.


Our proprietary Food-Grading Engine technology helps you eat the foods that match your unique combination of chronic conditions and health goals.   Research shows that managing high blood pressure calls for a different diet than managing stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Our solutions help you discover which foods match your particular profile- whether you're managing one condition or many.



Our Food-Grading Engine leverages well-researched guidelines endorsed by the USDA, National Kidney Foundation, American Diabetes Association and other trusted organizations. Its algorithms review your item's nutrients to recommend the best food matches for you. Then, our behavior change programs use proven behavioral techniques to help you turn that information into better habits.


Wherever you go, there we are. You can access our personalized nutrition support on multiple devices: mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Wherever you make your eating choices ( at home, out to eat with friends or at the supermarket), you'll have instant disease-specific information at your fingertips.