Iced Coffee Anyone?

A cool drink, and a shot of caffeine can seem like the ideal combo to perk you up on a hot summer day. But, iced coffee can have hidden pitfalls that set back your health goals. We Graded 3 popular iced coffee brands that aren't too tough on your heart-healthy eating plan.  




Pure Coffee is naturally low in calories, sugar, and fat. Just like lattes and frappuccinos, Iced coffee can become a health challenge when extra ingredients like sugar, and cream are added to it.  what Keeps these drinks from earning an A is the moderate content of sugar that is often added to iced coffee, even before it reaches your hands.


  • Aim to control what gets added to your coffee. Don't be shy about asking for sugar-free cream-free iced coffee, then add the ingredients you want in moderation.


  • Try substituting almond milk for cream and sugar. Add a shot of almond milk to your sugar-free iced coffee for a thicker consistency and subtle sweetness.