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Favorite Swaps: Fruit Bars for Fruity Ice Cream

Favorite Swaps: Fruit Bars for Fruity Ice Cream

Your Favorite Favorites

Hi Prenovaters, hope you're enjoying your summers. Whether you're working or enjoying a vacation, we'll bet you've found a favorite food or drink to help you cool off. In fact, you all have shifted our Food-Grading Engine search results to frozen treats over the last couple weeks. Recently, Strawberry Ice Cream topped the charts.

Despite what we've taught you about the high phosphorus content in dairy-based foods, this smooth treat is relatively low in phosphorus and potassium. Still, if you're committed to a strict low-phosphorus diet, you might want to try
Frozen Juice Bars instead. A 100% juice bar will not only give you lower phosphorus, but also lower saturated fat and likely sugar

Check out the nutrition facts and other simple substitutes onPrenovate's Food-Grading Engine.