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Favorite Swaps: Sweet Baby Ray's for Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce

Favorite Swaps: Sweet Baby Ray's for Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce

Your Favorite Favorites

Last weekend was Independence Day in the U.S- a prime grilling day. Now that the celebration has passed, you probably wondered what to do with your barbecue leftovers. So, it was no surprise to see our Prenovate Food-Grading Engine favorites go through the roof for barbecue sauce*.

Bull's-eye Barbecue Sauce hit the top of our community favorites list last week. This smoky option offers a tasty hickory flavor with relatively low potassium and slightly higher sodium per serving (1 tablespoon).

A single tablespoon of this sauce likely won't break your kidney diet, but let's be honest. What are the odds that you spend the entire day using only one tablespoon of bbq sauce? Probably not; servings add up. For a better match with your kidney guidelines, try Sweet Baby Ray's  Barbecue Sauce with lower-sodium and similar flavor.

*Remember to use small servings of all your condiments in order to control your sodium intake. 

Check out the nutrition facts and other simple substitutes on Prenovate's Food-Grading Engine.