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Favorite Swaps: Hand-Tossed for Deep Dish Pizza

Favorite Swaps: Hand-Tossed for Deep Dish Pizza

Your Favorite Favorites

Hi Prenovaters,

With all the talk about performance-enhancing drug use in the Olympics, we thought we'd explore a different type of cheating: eating junk food. You read right- we're going to show you how to have the most awesome cheat day ever...and still not break your kidney diet. 

Pizza is always fairly high in our Food-Grading Engine searches. So, we compared a Domino's Pepperoni Deep Dish Crust pizza to a regular Domino's Cheese Hand-Tossed Crust. The Cheese hand-tossed pizza won by a head, and it's easy to see why. It's so much lower in three of the main nutrients you need to limit with kidney disease: sodium, potassium and protein.

This makes sense if you recall the standard rules we've discussed in the past:

1) Adding meat means more salt (sodium) and protein. 1 slice of deep dish pizza contains about 60% of your daily sodium limit. 1 slice of the cheese pizza is closer to 30%.

2) Adding more bread, cheese and tomato sauce (in a deep dish pizza) means more potassium. 

Who doesn't like comfort food? Making simple tweaks to your cheat meal will let you indulge without falling short of your daily kidney goals.

For more nutrition facts and other simple substitutes onPrenovate's Food-Grading Engine.