Hello World!

We are Prenovate (pronounced “PREH-noh-vayt”), a technology company that’s revolutionizing chronic disease management by combining the principles of preventive health and innovation. Studies show that diet is one of the most powerful tools to manage lifestyle-related chronic diseases (i.e high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, etc). Yet, for most people, diet is one of the most challenging health management tools to understand. We've set out to solve that problem!

Our story began at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where one of our co-founders, Mawusi, discovered that her chronic disease patients needed special support to improve their diets and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. But, many of them couldn't afford to consult dietitians who could help them through the process. They needed a more affordable, disease-specific solution. Since then, we've spent the past few months building low-cost software-driven programs to help people get the most out of their diets in the fight against lifestyle-related chronic diseases. We've come a long way from what started as a side project at UPenn. At long last, we are excited to share what we’ve been working on!

Prenovate's Personal Nutrition Program

In order to improve diets, we need to understand current eating habits. So, we've created a Personal Nutrition Program to help people with chronic conditions become healthier by improving their diet. Our program is like Weight Watchers for chronic diseases. It combines technology, data and behavioral science to help users track, analyze and improve their eating in ways that matter. The program is part software, featuring a Food-Grading Engine (think Weight Watchers Points).  It's also part behavioral, providing personal coaching to motivate you toward real eating changes. All you need is your mobile phone.  

Stay Tuned

You'll hear much more from us about our program features and how to manage chronic conditions.  Meanwhile, feel free to drop us a friendly line anytime through Twitter @Prenovate or email at info@prenovate.com.