Your Favorite Favorites

Hi Prenovaters,

Squash season is officially here. As you read through the delicious recipes and ingredient substitutions that involve winter squash, why not choose the best types for your kidney diet?

Acorn Squash topped our search engine list last week. Perhaps it is such a popular addition to rich sauces and pan-fried veggies because its sweet flavor offers a subtle contrast to those sometimes bitter foods. Yet, 1 serving (1 cup, chopped) would contribute nearly half of your daily potassium intake- not ideal for someone on a low-potassium kidney diet of about 2000 mg per day. 

Meanwhile, 1 serving (1 cup) of Spaghetti Squash qualifies as a low-potassium food, delivering less than 10% of that daily potassium limit. The next time you see an irresistible acorn squash recipe, try turning it into a more kidney-friendly faux pasta dish by subbing spaghetti squash for its higher-potassium cousin.

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