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Favorite Swaps: Perch for Herring

Favorite Swaps: Perch for Herring

Hey There Prenovaters,

With summer winding down, you seem to be thinking more and more about cook-outs. At least, we're guessing that's why you've been searching the Food-Grading Engine for meat and fish more often in the last couple weeks.

In particular you searched for a low-potassium fish, Pickled Herring. Although 1 serving of this fish might match your potassium requirements, it probably has too much sodium to fit into your overall kidney guidelines.

For the record, most pickled and canned products have much more sodium than their fresh counterparts. Instead of pickled herring, try Grilled or Baked Perch. It qualifies as a low-potassium food, and even better, it has one fourth the sodium in pickled herring.

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Favorite Swaps: Oat Bran Bagel for Oatmeal

Favorite Swaps: Oat Bran Bagel for Oatmeal

Your Favorite Favorites

With the Olympics underway, we can't help but notice the athlete-themed designs lining our breakfast cereal aisle. Like the classic Wheaties slogan, we want to help you find your "Breakfast of Champions"- one that is both nutritious and follows your chronic kidney disease diet. So, we compared to quick breakfast classics: oatmeal and a bagel.

Here's what we found. While Quaker Instant Oatmeal (with peaches) sounds like a healthy treat with oats and fruit, you might want to think again. Its oats are higher in potassium- taking you 20% closer to your daily potassium limit if you follow a strict potassium diet. As if that weren't enough, this quick meal features much more sodium and more free sugar (from peaches and peach syrup) which could be rough on your kidney diet and diabetic diet, respectively. A small
Oat Bran bagel, on the other hand, has much less potassium, sodium and sugar. Of course, this fried treat does contain more saturated fat than oatmeal...balance is the name of the game.

Check out the nutrition facts and other simple substitutes onPrenovate's Food-Grading Engine.

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