Happy Cinco de Mayo! Fittingly,"salsa" rose to the top of our favorites lists this week. Check out our primer on some common salsas to make kidney-friendly party choices:

Salsa Roja (made from Red Tomatoes) and Salsa Verde (made from Green Tomatillos) are classic toppings for chips and tacos. These salsas aren't necessarily bad matches for the potassium and protein limits of your kidney diet. Red tomatoes and tomatillos are a great source of vitamins A and C and only have moderate levels of potassium.


But, beware the hidden sodium (table salt) in salsa and other toppings like guacamole. If you're making salsa at home, try to go salt-free. If your salsa is store-bought, remember to limit your serving size. One serving (2 tbsp) could pack more than 25% of your sodium limit for the day.  

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