Going for Mediterranean with Hummus + Pita

When I’m on the go, I like to make myself pita bread with hummus as a snack. I’ve been doing it for ages - the hummus and the whole grain in the bread combine in the most filling way. I know it is a healthy combination, but I was curious how healthy, so I ran both through Prenovate’s Food Grading Engine, only to validate what I already thought. The hummus received a grade of A, and the pita a B for its carbohydrate content - both especially excellent for those affected with CKD and its associated comorbidities! I had created a power combination! For next time, I’m thinking of adding tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and grilled veggies as stuffing to bring even more nutritional value to this favorite of mine.... Hummus may be a good source of non-animal protein, but it's a major source of potassium (1 cup= 450mg potassium) - so people with later stage kidney disease shouldn't eat more than a tablespoon or two at time.